Kay-Enno Brink, Naval Architect

Full Scale Measurements – Sea Trials

Kay-Enno Brink acts as experienced consulting engineer in the field of full scale measurements and sea trials of seagoing ships. A multitude of sea trials has been planned, conducted, supervised and analysed by Kay-Enno Brink for the last two decades.

Usually data of a DGPS compass system are recorded during sea trials in order to assess the speed-power characteristics and the manoeuvrability of the vessel. Besides this, shaft power measurements are frequently carried out in order to assess the propulsive performance. These measurements are based on strain gauge technique and include the recording of wireless transmitted on-line signals.

The analysis of speed trials accounts for all relevant influencing factors. Usually common standards like ISO 15016 are applied making allowance for the effects of shallow water, wind, seaway, displacement and others. The manoeuvrability of ships is verified with regard to the relevant IMO criteria.

Sea trials may be carried out in co-operation with the Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA) upon request.


Stability Survey

Stability booklets are prepared by Kay-Enno Brink for yachts and vessels up to 24 m length.

Significant stability data are generated based on thoroughly executed inclining experiments and the accurate hull form geometry, measured using laser scanner or total station technology.

The compliance of the ship’s stability characteristics and loading data with relevant rules and regulations (e.g. of classification societies or the Recreational Craft Directive) are assessed by stability calculations.

The findings of the stability analysis are summarized in a comprehensive stability booklet approved by relevant classification societies and certification bodies.

Kay-Enno Brink, Naval Architect